What is your playground?


What are the most important questions that a person could ask in their lifetime?

“I think people should ask what makes them happy?”

“What can I do to make the world a better place?”

“How can I succeed at what I want to become?”

“What’s my dream?”

“Are you happy?”

“What will make me happy in my life?”

“Is all the things that we do, all our extracurricular activities, college, work, is it all worth it, or are we just meant to live like animals out in the wild, and just, you know, have fun and do whatever we got to do to fulfill the pursuit of happiness kinda thing you know?”

Life is like a playground.

“All of these questions are based on the presupposition that life is like a playground. Life is just about finding enjoyment or doing what you want to do. Your playground may be different from the next person's. But when it comes down to it, life is all about you.”

How will you answer these questions?

My name is Will Galkin with 4thegospel Ministries, and I believe that there are five questions that everyone must answer, but many don’t, because they don’t want to get off their playground. In the next few moments we are going to be asking and answering these questions with the following presuppositions: God exists, and God has revealed himself to us in the Bible. The way you answer these questions determines everything, especially your eternity. How will you answer these questions?”